Are you involved in Simulation Based Education and Clinical Skills Teaching? We are excited to announce that we now have the following courses available for your participation!

Online courses

ES1   Essentials theories of Simulation Based Education™

ES2  Essential theories application of Simulation Based Education™

ES3  Essential theories of debriefing in Simulation Based Education™

Face to Face courses

CSC1  The process of Clinical Skills Teaching™

CSC2   The process of using Simulation Based Education™

CSC3   Fast Track scenario design ™

CSC4    Advanced debrief/feedback ™

CSC5   Simulated patient program : Management ™

CSC6   Simulated patient program : Training ™

CSC7   SimArt™

CSC8   Simulation Centre management ™

CSC9  Simulation Based Research ™

CSC10  SimVideo ™

These courses would suit those working in health sectors, tertiary or non-tertiary health education. For more detail visit the Courses page. We look forward to working with you and seeing you at a workshop soon.

– The Chameleon Team