Chameleon Simulation Centre is the simulation hub for University of Newcastle’s School of Medicine. Delivering a variety of programs across the 5-year course, the centre is committed to efficiency, innovation and evidence-based practice.

The centre caters to over 500 students per year, delivering simulation-based courses including fundamental clinical skills (such as hand hygiene) right through to complex, crisis resource management type scenarios (abdominal trauma).

Chameleon runs under the tireless vision of Jan Roche, Director of Simulation. Jan has extensive experience as a researcher, educator and academic. Working initially in the healthcare field to transform practice in a large tertiary hospital, Jan moved into world of academia working as a clinical educator, supervisor and key driver to developing a simulation centre. In her current role, Jan’s remit includes Chair for the Simulated Education Network, providing vision and direction for simulation, research, facilitation of simulation-based education and key input into curriculum development, and also providing education on key elements of simulation-based education design and delivery. In addition to this  Jan is a Director of the board and Deputy Chair for Simulation Australasia, with a focus on teaching and accreditation.


Jessica Stokes-Parish has a background in healthcare, with a focus on Intensive Care and Medical Oncology. Her current role as Academic in Nursing encompasses a number of areas, including curriculum design, research and educating staff on the key elements of simulation-based education design and delivery. In addition to this, Jessica is the convenor for the Simulation Australasia Congress 2017, the national Simulation-Based Education conference held annually. Jessica has a passion for excellence in delivery and improved outcomes.


Both Jessica and Jan are passionate about resourceful innovation and efficiency in process within a Simulation-Based Education environment. This web has been designed to deliver you with insights into their processes and ideas, and to provide you with resources in a time-poor world.

We would love to hear from you! To contact us, please email chameleon@newcastle.edu.au

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