• SimART
  • Rapid Scenario Development
  • Paediatrics Interprofessional Simulation – Undergraduate B Medicine Program

Q: Describe your experience learning with other health professionals.

“It was a great experience. Learned a lot from others and gained a much better understanding on how to work as a team.”

“Refreshing because they have skills and expertise where we lack
rewarding and helped to identify my clinical skills”

“very important to understand eachothers[sic] roles in a hospital to work effectively in a team”

“this was hands down the most fruitful and useful experience in med school to date. learning with nursing students was fantastic and will really help to get rid of unfortunate stereotypes/ discrimination.”

“this was a fantastic experience. it is really helpful working with other health students…”

“it was eye-opening, and a good opportunity to learn the various healthcare professionals involved in the care of the patient, and also being more aware of the guidelines for care of patients in the emergency settings.”

Q: What was good about this session?​

“I was able to extend my knowledge on peadiatric[sic] care and practice my clinical skills in a clinical environment with a proper medical team. This added to the reality of the scenario and allowed me to broaden my knowledge on the rolls of others and my role in the clinical environment”

“Simulation gave me a better understanding of how to respond in clinical situations and helped increase confidence”

“The debriefing was good and helped with learning and recognising the gaps in knowledge and application”

“It was good to put the clinical guidelines and practical information into practice. it was a very rewarding experience.”

  • Delivery Suite Interprofessional Simulation – Undergraduate B Medicine Program 

Q. Describe your experience learning with other health professionals.

“Learning with other students was incredibly valuable – helps to understand what difficult issues may arrise [sic], and which parts I feel comforatable [sic] with and what I need to improve on.”

“Ensures better communication and understanding of roles in an actual setting.”

Q. What was good about this session?​

“Really good overview of the process of normal birth and common complications – being able to do this in a practical session is extremely useful in preparing for our time on delivery suite.”

“Good exposure to real life situation”

“organised and improve my confidence”

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